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Legge Fitness Superstores

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Philip and Mary Legge and Family

105 Queen Street West
Fergus Marketplace
Fergus ON N1M 2L4

v :: 519-787-7498
v :: 1-800-695-7338
f :: 1-800-695-7336

Philip and Mary Legge and their family have been in the business of helping health and fitness enthusiasts achieve their goals since 1988! They have 2 large health and fitness stores in Southern Ontario, and they are one of the largest suppliers of health and fitness products in this area. Their Listowel store has 5,000 sq. ft. and their Fergus store has about 8,000 sq. ft. of quality health and fitness products. Go to one of their stores and you will be impressed with their extensive range of products, from Cardiovascular products and Strength Machines to Saunas and Hot Tubs, to Vibration Platforms and Inversion Tables and everything in-between. When it comes to your health and fitness needs they are your one stop shop! 

They make it simple and easy for their clients to get started with their new fitness program. They work with the 6 Essential product categories to ensure that people cover all the areas of physical health. There are many different types of products that people can use in their fitness regime, however the 6 Essential products provide a balanced foundation to your fitness plan. It is essential that you have a balanced and complete fitness plan, if you want to achieve your optimum health potential.
The 6 Essential products are:
1 – Hydrotherapy Spa (or Hot Tub)
2 – Whole Body Vibration Platform
3 – Far Infrared Sauna
4 – Inversion/Oscillation Table
5 – Cardiovascular product (Treadmill, Elliptical, Bike, etc.)
6 – Strength Machine (and/or Weights)

To learn more about their unique product offering and business approach watch this interesting video: 

Legge Fitness Stores: Canada's Family Health and Fitness Stores!

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